Which Waxing style is for me?

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Different waxing styles to expect from Cherry Boxx
Waxing styles

A Hollywood wax is where all pubic hair is removed from the whole intimate area, including the labia, perineum and anus, as well as from the mons pubis. So to put it another way, absolutely all hair is removed from on top, underneath and around the back, leaving you 100% bare down there, as naked as the day you were born!

A Brazilian wax is where all hair is removed from the labia, perineum and anus, or to put it another way from your undercarriage and behind! A “landing strip” of hair is left on the mons pubis (the top of your pubic bone). This is usually a strip of hair (i.e. a rectangular shape) but some customers prefer a triangle. At Cherry Boxx, we measure landing strips in terms of finger widths and will always ask you how wide you would like the strip before we start to remove the hair from around it.

A High Bikini Wax is where the pants would be brought inwards from the crease of the leg and hair can also be removed from the top of the pubic triangle. Ideal for anyone who has high cut underwear or swimwear. Great for a clean up or a more defined triangle on the pubic bone.

A Standard or Basic Bikini Wax is the process when you wish to only have the hair removed that's outside your panty or bikini line. Most women choose the standard bikini wax when they just want a quick removal of their hair (like a touch-up, rather than a total Brazilian wax), or when they're having a bikini wax for the first time. A little bit off the sides and the top...neat & tidy.

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